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10 Benefits of Using Red Wiggler Worms to Help The Environment

Posted by VerticalVic on August 12, 2023  /   no comment

Red Wiggler worms, scientifically known as Eisenia Fetida, play a vital role in improving the environment and promoting sustainable practices. Here are ten benefits of Red Wiggler worms in environmental conservation: Composting: Red Wiggler worms are excellent decomposers, breaking down organic matter like kitchen scraps, yard waste, and other biodegradable materials. They accelerate the composting […]

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How to Start Vermicomposting – A Beginners Guide

Posted by VerticalVic on July 19, 2019  /   no comment

Getting started in vermicomposting or worm composting is really easy. You might already have everything or almost everything you need, except maybe the worms. So, if you wish to know about how to start vermicomposting, read on. How to start vermicomposting? It’s best to have everything ready including the bedding before you order or get […]

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